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Why are TV/Internet Commercials so Effective

Out of all promotional media, television advertising is considered to have the most impact. The internet is a fast approaching competitor which may equal or surpass TV in the future. Other advertising mediums often fall short of TV’s reach. Why is TV advertising so effective compared to other media? What makes it a superior way of reaching potential customers? What are the shortcomings of other methods that keep TV in the lead?

The main reason TV advertising is so effective is the size of the audience it reaches. Nearly every American household has a television set. TV has become an integrated part of our lifestyle. From granddads to grand-kids, every American watches at least two hours of television a day. All this television viewing means your commercial is seen more than on any other media. Of course, not everyone viewing your commercial will buy your product. Still, the odds increase with a larger audience.

TV advertising reaches a large audience. It also allows you to target certain customers. How is this done? By placing your ads on certain shows or during specified time slots. For instance, a product meant for preteens might be placed on an after school program. A product marketed to older men and woman might do better during prime time or after hours. Targeting housewives? Try advertising on daytime TV. Advertising this way on TV makes ads more effective as they are reaching your average customer.

Television allows consumers to see and hear a product in operation. It has greater sensory appeal than any other media. The internet is a close second in this type of advertising. The difference? In order to view a full-screen product video, the internet surfer must actively click on it. Television ads play with no consumer prompting. Unfortunately, this often means the viewer can get up and run to the kitchen or restroom during your commercial. Despite this, most consumers will remain seated for engaging commercials, seeing them as part of the evenings entertainment.

TV ads are effective because they reach consumers when they are most open to new ideas. That is to say, the average TV viewer is in a relaxed state of mind when watching. They are ready to be entertained and learn new things. Their work or school day is done and it’s time for fun. Their minds are unoccupied. Their brains are ready to be engaged. That makes people more likely to be effected by TV advertising.

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